About J Welch Farms

Family owned Texas olive ranch and farm for 40 years

The Welch Roots

family history

The Welch family has a long-lived passion for farming quality crops, putting clothes on our backs and keeping food on our tables. Jackie & JonAnn have been farming for 40 plus years. Jackie is a proud 5th generation farmer. Jackie’s extensive farming experience combined with JonAnn’s business background, has turned the family farm into a thriving business full of diversity. With 4 kids, 9 grandkids and counting, the Welch farm will always be a source of US crops. The most recent addition to the farm is the J Welch Olive Ranch. Planted on 120 acres of previous pasture land, the Welch family wanted to produce another staple from their farm that makes our daily lives a little better, extra virgin olive oil.

The Welch Way

family values

Faith, Family & Farming is the motto of the Welch family. We believe in what we do and we have a passion for each other. As a team we can accomplish our mission of producing higher quality crops every day that make a difference in our lives. We take pride in our farm, its workers, and our family.


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